Altinbas University scholarship in turkey 2022-2023


Altinbas University is a home to more than 3,700 international students from 84 countries.however, the university is located in Istanbul, Turkey. it was known Istanbul Kemerburgaz back in 2008. in 2017 has changed to Altinbas University.

Host country: Turky

Host University: Altinbas University

Study Level: Bachelor

Target group: International students


Types of the scholarships

Undergraduate Admission Scholarships (ÖSYM):
Students who are placed in programmes, which have been declared as a scholarship program by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) are awarded a range of different scholarships.

Students placed in full scholarship programs will be exempted from paying all tuition fees
Students placed in scholarship programs for three quarters of students will be exempted from 75% of the tuition fee
Students placed in the Half-Tuition Scholarship Programs will be exempted from 50% of tuition fees
Students placed in a quarter of the scholarship programs will be waived of 25% of the tuition fee.
Grants of admission are not reimbursable. In the event that students awarded the scholarships listed above fail to complete the English Language Preparatory Program within two years, their scholarships will be terminated. Scholarships are valid during the maximum period of study as defined in Higher Education Law No. 2547. Grants of admission are granted for the dual master programs and summer school in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Trustees.

Merit-based scholarships:

According to the placement test scores in the university entrance examination, students who are selected from among those who have been placed in the associate degree and bachelor degree program for the first time and who also rank among the grade bracket determined by the Senate of Altınbaş University, are awarded scholarships on the basis of merit. For 9 months annually for the standard duration of study, provided they achieve good academic standing. Merit-based scholarships should be frozen if the student’s GPA falls below 2.50 out of 4.00.

Honors Award:

At the end of each academic year, after completion of the English Language Preparatory Programme, the best students who have achieved outstanding academic results in their undergraduate/vocational school are awarded Honors Scholarships for the following academic year; Provided you meet the normal course load, equivalent to the required ECTS credits, specified for each year by their respective programmes, have passed all classes taken and have a GPA greater than 3.50.

Arts Scholarships:

Students who ranked among the top three in international painting, sculpture, film and western classical music competitions, who have submitted applications to the Altınbaş University Scholarship Committee before the university application period, and whose applications are accepted by the committee receive an art scholarship. The amounts are determined by the Board of Trustees.

Sports Scholarships:

The Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports awards full scholarships covering the standard duration of study to athletes who are placed at Altinbas University and who have succeeded in the following categories. Candidates must submit documents to prove their athletic achievements in the past 4 years.

The first group:

Athletes who have won medals at the Olympics, Paralympics and Deaf Olympics; Youth Olympic Games (YOG); in the senior tournaments for Olympic and Paralympic sports at the finals of the World Championships and the European Championship, and in the adult tournaments at the World Cup and European Cup finals,

the second group:

Athletes who have won medals in the U-21 Youth Championships, Youth and All-Star Championships for Olympic and Paralympic sports; in the Youth League and the U-21 stars of the World Cup and European Cup finals; European Games; The Universiade Games, the Mediterranean Games, the Islamic Solidarity Games, the Winter and Summer Edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival, in the World Championships held by the International Federation for Sport and the University, as well as the athletes who participated in the Olympic Games, the Paralympics, the Olympic Games for the Deaf, and at the Games Youth Olympic (YOG),

Third group:

Athletes who have won medals in international competitions and tournaments held in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the balance sheets in the competitions table of international federations and participate in no less than 9 Qatari teams in team sports, and a minimum of 16 Qatari athletes in individual sports; As well as the athletes who competed in the European and World Championships held in the adult, under-21, youth and star leagues of Olympic and Paralympic sports, and in the World Cup and European Cup held in the adult, under-21, youth and star sports tournaments that are not held the World Championship and Europe.

Programs Available:

Faculty of Applied Science

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

School of Fine Arts and Design

collage of rights

Management college

Faculty of medicine

faculty of Pharmacy

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

vocational school

How to apply
Altinbas University Scholarships Application Form is completely online, you need to fill in the application form and then submit it through the application portal. For more details, to apply visit the official website link below.