Turkish government scholarship 2022-2023

Turkish government Scholarship (Borselari) is one of the most competitive study programs in the world and students will be able to study in the most prestigious universities, and it is considered one of the best Turkish scholarships because it offers educational opportunities to all international students. Host Country: Turky Host University: available university in the program scholarship type: fully funded Eligble coutry: international students Level: Bacherlor, Master, Phd and Reseach    the Turkish scholarship advantage: The Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students is highly competitive, awarded and also funded by the Turkish government in order to help students pursue their studies in all disciplines to study both bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and research degrees. Benefits of the scholarship:
  • health insurance
  • Free accommodation will be provided.
  • There is no application fee.
  • Full tuition waiver.
  • Flight is provided to Turkey and back to your country.
  • Full coverage of the Turkish language program for one year.
  • Monthly stipend of up to 800 TL for undergraduate students
  • up to 1,100 TL for master’s degree students and 1,600 TL for PhD students.

Turkish Scholarship criteria Benfits and the deadline:

the Criterias:

  • Applicants must be under 21 years for undergraduate programmes,
  • 30 years old for master’s programmes.
  • candidat must be 35 years old for PhD programmes.
  • If you have studied in Turkey before, you are not allowed to apply for this scholarship
  • The high school average for applying to Turkish university must be at least 70% of the marks.
  • You must have successfully passed a high school diploma in all subjects
  • The university average for applying for master’s and doctoral degrees must be at least 75% of the marks.
  • All documents and supporting documents for the scholarship application must be submitted before the application deadline.
  • Minimum academic achievement for applicants in health sciences (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy): 90%.

other Benfits of the scholarsip:

  1. The Turkish government provides the student with the Turkish scholarship 2021 free housing throughout the study period with full housing expenses, and the place of residence is determined by the scholarship administration, but if the student wishes to change housing, he must pay the costs of his housing.
  2. Covering full housing expenses The student gets a student residence for the duration of the study, paid by the Turkish government.
  3. Covering travel expenses The student accepted in the scholarship gets paid travel tickets from the Turkish government from the country in which the student resides to Turkey and from Turkey to his country after the final completion of the study.
  4. Pay the expenses of learning the Turkish language The student who receives the scholarship gets a full year to study the Turkish language without any fees. Note: Even students who are accepted to study in a language other than Turkish must take one year to learn Turkish.
  5. Providing student health insurance The government provides the student with free health insurance for the entire period of study, where all your health expenses are covered for the duration of your studies.
Turkish scholarship application deadline
The date of the Turkey scholarship and the opening of registration for the current academic year is open. however, the submission will end on 20.02.2222 as stated in the announcement of the official website of the Turkish scholarship. Candidates applying for the Turkey Scholarship will be informed of their interview schedules and then the announcement of the final results for the Turkey Scholarship winners will be published online.  




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