Romanian Government Scholarship 2022-2023

Description of the Romanian Government scholarship:

The Romanian government invites students from different countries of the world to apply for a scholarship to study in Romania. However, the Romanian government scholarship programs are bachelor, master and Phd programmes, last not least, all students from outside the European Union can apply for the Romania government scholarship.

The scholarship is fully funded and open to all degrees (Bachelor/Master/PhD) most importantly, the scholarship does not require a language certificate and the application is completely online.

Details of the Romanian Government Scholarship 2022:

Host Country: Romania

Host University: universities in the list

Level: Bachelor, Master, Phd 

Open for: All International students

the Romanian Government Scholarship benefits:

The scholarship covers the following:

  • tuition fees.
  • Housing expenses within the dormitories of the Romanian Ministry of Education
  • Granting monthly financial aid as follows: an equivalent of €65 for undergraduate students ,75 euros, for master’s and specialization students lastely, €85 for PhD students.
  • Scholarships do not cover international transportation costs and domestic transportation costs
  • Candidates must be willing to obtain personal financial support for additional costs.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship

  1. all international students except for the member states of the European Union. and citizens of Romanian descent and those belonging to neighboring historical Roman communities and recipients of other scholarship programmes.
  2. The scholarship applicant must not hold, did not apply for, or did not apply for, Romanian citizenship in Romania, is not a stateless person residing on Romanian territory and officially recognized in accordance with the law, is not a member of the diplomatic corps accredited in Bucharest or a member of the corps family Diplomat accredited in Romania, did not benefit from any scholarship from the Romanian state in the same course of study.
  3. applicant must submit academic papers officially certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country
  4. The candidate must have had good results in education during his previous years of study
  5. The applicant’s age by December 31 of the year of admission to the scholarship should not be more than 35 years – for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies and 45 years old for PhD studies

Fields of study or majors funded by the Romanian State Scholarship 2022:

  • Architecture
  • Visual Arts,
  • Romanian Culture and Civilization,
  • Journalism, and Administrative Sciences
  • Education,
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Technical Studies
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

Note: There are no scholarships in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

Required Documents:

1. An official letter issued by the diplomatic mission accredited in Bucharest or the diplomatic mission of Romania in the country of origin or country of residence.
2. Application form for a scholarship in Romania, correctly filled out. You can download the application by clicking here.
3. Certified copies of the obtained study certificates (baccalaureate diploma or equivalent + bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, if any) and their certified translations into one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian.
4. A certified copy of the birth certificate with a certified translation into one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian.
5. Copy of the first 3 pages of the passport
6. A medical certificate that proves that the person enrolled in the study is not infected with infectious diseases or other conditions that are inconsistent with the required studies.
7. Curriculum vitae of the candidate within the European model (you can click here to download the special form)
8. photo

How to Apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship 2022:

According to the recent announcement by the Romanian government, the application for this year’s scholarship will be exclusively through the electronic platform for applying to Romanian universities.




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